Travel & Photography

I love traveling and capturing the unique personality of a place through photography.


Next stop: Greece

San Francisco, CA
San Francisco, CA
Santa Monica, CA
San Francisco, CA
Old San Juan, PR
Old San Juan, PR
Rincon, PR
Old San Juan, PR
Rincon, PR
Rincon, PR
Rincon, PR
San Juan, PR
Old San Juan, PR
San Juan, PR

Fan Art & Edits

Motion and still edits for some of my favorite celebrities (BTS and TXT)

i am human
Yoongi Edit
Jin Double Exposure
RM Scrap
Yeonjun Edit
Beomgyu Edit
Huening Kai Edit
Taehyun Edit
Soobin Edit
Twice Yes or Yes
V Edit
Mang Fan Art
everythinggoes fan art

Arts & Crafts

I like things that take forever to make :)

Gengar Cross Stitching
cassette love letters
cassette love letters close up
cassette love letters 2
card making
full moon
deer wall decor close up
deer wall decor
paper quilling
google 2

The Art Director who virtually chases BTS around the globe in her free time and wanted to be a video game dominating couch potato as a kid.

Rincon, PR