Social &
Motion Graphics Work

Activations, beautiful one-off ads, and some passion projects.

Art direction - Carey Feng

Animation - Carey Feng

IKEA Winter Sale


IG Stories Activation

Most iconic sales have an iconic name to match. But not the IKEA Winter Sale.

That’s why we decided to let our customers give it a name with our Call-It-Whatever-You-Want Mad Lib on Instagram. For five days, we engaged IKEA Instagram followers on Stories and enabled them to vote on a name while creating buzz about the Sale. The results were both comical and well received.


Produced By Ogilvy NY

frame 1
frame 2
frame 3
frame 4
frame 5

Day 1

frame 1 sample
frame 2
frame 3
frame 4
frame 5

Day 2

Amazon Prime Video

Jack Ryan

Paid In-feed Ad


Spring 2020 Collection

Paid IG Stories Ads


IG Content

The Merck Instagram page was refreshed to portray how they’ve impacted people’s lives for the better. We tapped into relevant celebrations, gave a
voice to the history, and created a new content series featured below and
on the @Merck feed.

Produced By Ogilvy NY

Helias Essential Oils

Paid Ads

Highlight Reel


Set It Free

Student Work

A brand refresh to introduce Playdoh to a new, more digitally inclined generation.

Stories to Change Hers

Student Work

"1 in 3 women have been victims of  (some form of)
physical violence by an intimate partner within their lifetime."

But most victims never ask for help because they're scared
to leave tracks that are easy to monitor.

So we used Instagram Stories, a popular platform that
doesn't leave any tracks, as a way for them to ask for help.